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[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone
[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone
[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone
[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone
[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone
[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone
[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone

Chord & Major

[Chord & Major] 7'13 Jazz Tonal Earphone

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Specially Tuned IEM for Jazz, RnB, Rap, Hip-hop and More with Sandalwood Body and Pinewood Presentation Box

  • Chord & Major Tonal Earphones have been specially designed to bring out essential characteristics of certain musical genres to enhance the listening experience in new ways
  • Carefully tuned driver, stainless steel body and tonewood wrapping yields warm, deep bass with a velvety top end and an intimate soundstage to evoke the atmosphere of a jazz club
  • Rich brown pinewood presentation box embodies the smooth feel of jazz, while the earphones are ready for the hottest session whenever the passion strikes
  • Excellent passive isolation characteristics to keep ambient noise from interfering with your listening enjoyment
  • Jazz is a kind of feeling that cannot be expressed in any other way but to let loose with an interplay of music and sound, and these earphones are designed specifically to make that interplay soar

A new listening paradigm

Chord & Major have created an entirely new way to appreciate music that introduces ideas from appreciation of the finer things, such as wine, coffee, chocolate, and art. Appreciation is not simply about the pursuit of a sterile perfection. Rather, it should be driven by a thirst for something new, something which challenges the senses. We see this especially in the world of wine, coffee and chocolate, where connoisseurs seek out vintages and single origin beans to experience the sensation of one place and time, captured within smells, tastes and textures.

This pursuit now comes to the music world. Chord & Major Tonal Earphones can be analogized with wine glasses. Using Tonal Earphones is like enjoying wine with just the right glass, just the right temperature, just the right preparation. An earphone which matches with your music taste will conduce to present the most details and characteristics of music, so listening to music will be not just a symbol of fashion but also an elegant delight. Anyone can save up for a pair of HD 800 and analyse the minute details of their favorite tracks. Chord & Major proposes we put away the microscope and lab coat, and get out some more interesting attire.

Major 7'13 Jazz

From the smooth saxophone, walking bass lines, passionate vocals and resonant oscillations of the drums, each element is delightfully rendered. The deep bass overtones and velvety vocals that define the intimate space of a jazz club are the Major 7’s forte.

Jazz emerged out of the African American communities in New Orleans, United States, during the late 19th century. With improvisation being one of the key elements, artists use syncopation, polyrhythms and a swinging feel to express themselves.

Enjoying the interaction between instrument and each other, players converse though the language of the music. With a wide variety of instruments and strong character, jazz is a feeling more than anything else, and the Major 7'13 delivers in spades.

Sandalwood highlights and presentation case

The rich brown sandalwood used for the tone tube and presentation box has a rich, smokey feel that perfectly evokes the atmosphere of a jazz club where you could equally be taken to new highs by a hot session or soothed after a hard day's work.

Technical specs

  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Freq. Response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 94dB at 1kHz / 1mW
  • Max Input: 8mW
  • Earphone body: Sandalwood / Stainless steel
  • Presentation case: Pine
  • Connector: 1/8" (gold plated)
  • Cable Length: 1.2m