[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer
[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer
[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer
[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer
[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer
[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer
[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer

[Maker hart] Just Mixer - Audio/DJ Mixer


  • Versatile and Compact - The perfect way to mix multiple sound sources whenever and wherever you are (ideal for mixing audio/music from computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, Amazon Echo/Dot, mics and instruments)
  • Stereo 3 in / 1 out Configuration - 3 stereo channels (3.5mm / 1/8") allows up to 5 mono input connections
  • Signal Level - Gain knob allows input of multiple devices from mic to line level (high-sensitivity microphone recommended if using mics)
  • Overload Indicators - LEDs will light up when signal level overloads mixer capacity; monitor for optimal audio performance
  • Mix Monitoring - Connect stereo headphones for convenient stereo monitoring and use as a sub-mixer

Designed by professional sound equipment makers to fulfill a need that has yet to be met, the JUST MIXER by Maker Hart is a simple mixer without too many bells and whistles. However, it is perfect for those who need a reliable and affordable option to combine audio from up to 3 devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, MP3 players, Amazon Echo/Dot, game consoles, microphones, instruments, etc.) and output to a single set of headphones or speaker. With 3.5mm input jacks, you can easily connect your devices with AUX cables, and then adjust each input separately. Powered by either batteries or micro USB cable, this portable mini mixer can be used just about anywhere, including while on the go and in the car.

Besides personal workstation use, the Just Mixer can also be used by musicians, DJs or audio technicians to monitor audio output, The Just Mixer can free you from lugging around heavy equipment and can be used in most settings, be it a home recording studio, street venue, music club, or anywhere you'd like to perform or record. It is also ideal for combining different sound inputs in webcasting on Facebook Live, Youtube, and other live streaming platforms. 

***Please visit Maker Hart website -> Product -> Just Mixer to watch videos on how to use Just Mixer with keyboard, smartphone, microphone and Amazon Echo Dot.


  • Due to its compact design and intended audience, the Just Mixer is designed to be more suited for use with non-premium headphones and sound systems.
  • To increase volume, first increase the volume setting on your input device, then increase volume and Gain settings on mixer gradually. Only increasing volume settings on the mixer may amplify noise level to an undesirable level. 
  • Low batteries can also cause additional static noises; for extended use, switch to a micro USB cable.
  • Additional static noises may arise due to interference from other connections in close proximity. Do not power mixer from a charging hub / power bank that also powers other devices.


  •  3 x 3.5mm STEREO INPUT: 2 input jacks that can be split into 4 x 1/4" mono (mono to stereo adapter required), 1 AUX In
  • 1 x 3.5mm STEREO OUTPUT: Output to headphones or speakers
  • OVERLOAD INDICATOR: Lights up when mixed signal level is too high
  • BALANCE: Adjust L/R balance for each channel
  • GAIN: Adjust and amplify signal strength for each channel
  • MASTER and CHANNEL VOLUME SLIDERS: Adjust volume of overall and individual channels
  • USB POWER JACK: Micro USB socket (cable not included)


  • Gain: Max. 20dB
  • Power source: 2 x 1.5V (AAA) batteries or 5V micro USB power source
  • Weight & Dimensions: 3.2oz; 2.7 x 4.1 x 0.9"
  • Package Contents: Just Mixer, 2 x AAA batteries, pouch, manual