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[Maker hart] DM2S Audio Adapter
[Maker hart] DM2S Audio Adapter
[Maker hart] DM2S Audio Adapter


[Maker hart] DM2S Audio Adapter

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  • Y-CABLE ADAPTER - 2 x 1/4" mono (L + R) / 1 x 1/4" mono (L) jacks to 3.5mm gold-plated stereo plug
  • CONNECTIVITY - Connects instruments and mics to mixers or speakers with only 3.5mm stereo inputs
  • HIGH IMPEDANCE ADAPTER - Convert high impedance signals to directly plug into mixing consoles
  • LO-Z SWITCH - Switch from Thru to Lo-Z to reduce noise from electrical interactions and long cables
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN - Lightweight yet durable makes it easily portable

Maker Hart DM2S Adapter

Designed by expert sound equipment makers, the DM2S Adapter is a unique 2-in-1 cable connector that combines an audio cable adapter with high impedance / noise reducing functionality. You can now connect your instruments, mics and other devices that use mono 1/4" plugs to a mixer or speaker with 3.5mm stereo jacks without worrying about losing sound quality and adding in noise. Plug in either a device with dual mono L and R outputs or a device with a single mono output. When a source with high impedance (like an electric guitar) causes noise or crosstalk, simply switch the DM2S setting from Thru to Lo-Z (low impedance) to reduce the noise or crosstalk level.

*Note: Switching to Lo-Z will reduce the input signal level.

The adapter is pocket-sized and lightweight, and is perfect for musicians on the go. 

Compatible with Maker Hart's Just Mixers and Loop Mixers; the Loop Mixer includes one DM2S adapter.

Contents: 1 x DM2S Adapter


Length: 5.7" (14.5cm)

Weight: 0.9oz (25g)