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Edenswear Hypoallergenic Unisex Baby Bodysuit - Infant Onesie Made from Zinc-infused Fiber to Provide Eczema Protection & Relief


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  • ZINC INFUSED FIBERS - Made from smartcel™ sensitive material, which is a zinc oxide embedded fiber with numerous health benefits
  • SKIN RELIEF FOR BABIES - Protects and provides relief for your baby's hypersensitive, delicate skin from eczema, neurodermatitis and other skin impediments
  • ADDITIONAL HYGIENIC BENEFITS - Odor reduction, anti-bacteria, anti-allergy and UV-radiation protections
  • SOFT MATERIAL & TEXTURE - Silky soft and gentler on your child's sensitive skin, while minimizing itching and infections
  • LONG LASTING & MACHINE-WASHABLE - Even after multiple washing cycles, the material will continue to release zinc and remain effective



According to studies, about 20 percent of babies and young children have eczema, a skin rash that usually begins appearing in infancy. Eczema can be itchy and uncomfortable, leading to scratching and further spreading of the infections. Your child's clothing can play a vital role in preventing and reducing rashes. With Edenwear's innovative Baby Bodysuit, your newborn can now play comfortably without being bothered by skin infections and unhygienic conditions.

Our Baby Onesie is made of smartcel™ sensitive, a high-tech fiber produced in Germany, which contains a beneficial, pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide. Since zinc is a trace element essential to the body and a component for skin-building enzymes, direct skin exposure can have many health advantages. Through an eco-friendly production method, the zinc is infused into lyocell (natural cellulose) fibers to create a comfortably soft and smooth material, and is designed to release zinc when the skin gives off moisture, enabling an active exchange between the substances of the fiber and the skin.

When utilized in our design, the numerous health benefits for your baby include:
 • Hypoallergenic with skin relief for eczema and other skin infections
 • Improved skin regeneration
 • Healing of wounds and inflammation
 • Reduction of odors
 • Cosmetic effect against harmful UV radiation
 • Material has antibacterial, anti-mycotic effects and protection against mites

The onesie is also designed with flip mittens to prevent your infant from scratching to reduce the spread of rashes. Different from other fabrics with coating treatment, the Baby Bodysuit is washable using traditional methods and remains effective over a long period of time.

Oeko-Tex® standard 100, product class 1 (certified safe for babies)

Package Contents:
Baby Bodysuit with mittens, OPP bag, English manual

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