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[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker
[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker


[Meemo] 3D Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

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  • 3D SOUND - Place the two mini speakers at different points around you for a surprising 3D effect that puts you inside a bubble of sound
  • IMMERSIVE - Connect via Bluetooth, press play and step into a sphere of sound with this amazing 3D listening experience; amazing for games, music and movies
  • TINY - At under 2” across, the two speakers fit in the palm of your hand, yet create a huge soundstage when placed on either side of you
  • BLUETOOTH - Super convenient streaming over Bluetooth with ZERO annoying voice prompts
  • WIRELESS CHARGING DECK - Use the included dock to charge simply by placing the speakers on it—nothing to connect, no wires to get tangled


This is a journey into sound
Place one Meemo 3D Speaker on either side of you and get ready for a surprising and immersive sound experience.  You'll be instantly surrounded by crystal clear audio that brings music, movies and games to life. Their tiny size lets them fit anywhere, from bedrooms to picnic blankets. Put one on either end of your dinner table for a unique musical dining experience. Hold one in each hand and let the music take hold while you dance in a cloud of music!

Bluetooth + Rechargeable + Wireless Charging
Go completely wireless with the combination of Bluetooth, on-board batteries, and no-wire charging. Quickly pair with your Bluetooth device, and reconnect simply by turning the speakers on. With 3-4 hours of play time, Meemo 3D has a respectable battery life and can be easily charged from a USB power bank or phone charger (not included) with its charging deck, as well as one-by-one by direct connection (this does require the included charging cable).

Hands free calls
Receive calls directly via the Meemo 3D speakers thanks to their built-in microphone. Try out a unique ‘surround’ speakerphone effect with your friends and family and take video calls to the next level!

- If a chime is heard during playback, this indicates the batteries are low and need to be charged
- The red light on the bottom of the Meemo will turn off when charging is finished
- Meemo 3D speakers create a big sound but aren’t recommended for bass heads
- Do not use Meemo 3D near your ears; they are not intended as earphones and sound quality may be affected at low volume
- Meemo 3D are NOT water resistant and must be kept away from moisture

  • Dimensions: 1.97” diameter, 1.3” high
  • Weight: 2.5 oz per speaker
  • Battery life: Up to 4 hours / charge

Package Contents:  Meemo 3D speaker x2, charging table x1, charging cable x3, wrist strap x2