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[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light
[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light
[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light
[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light
[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light
[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light


[Aprico] 48” LED Grow Light

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  • HIGH POWER - Up to 41,262 lumen output, PPFD up to 1322 (48”x24” area with 12” lamp height)
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Achieve brightness of a 800 watt HPS (high pressure sodium) lighting system with only 530 watts, low heat allows passive cooling
  • NATURAL SPECTRUM - Sun Lumintech‘s patented NL spectrum profile provides natural sunlight spectrum ideal for improving growth
  • RED BOOST - Switchable red-boost (660nm~730nm) tailors light to veg growing phase and increases plant and floral bud growth
  • DIMMER - Adjust intensity as needed according to plant, time of day, distance from foliage, etc.

Product description

Size: 530 Watt

Improve any professional growing operation with Aprico LED Grow Lights from Sun Lumintech. Powerful, high-efficiency design allows lighting equivalent to a traditional 800 watt HPS light unit with only 530 watt consumption, and quiet operation thanks to a passive cooling design which allows this grow light to function with no cooling fans.

This light array delivers an impressive PPFD of up to 1322 at a distance of 1 foot / 30 cm. A key indicator for comparing grow lights, PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) refers to how much light falls on your plants per second over a square meter. Be sure to review the PPFD diagram in the product images above.

Sun Lumintech-patented Natural Light LEDs provide an ideal spectrum for strong vegetative stage growth. As the flowering stage approaches, boost light in the red spectrum with the flick of a switch, activating the red LEDs to change light profiles to suit your plants’ growing stage and overall light needs. Convenient switching means you can run experiments without changing equipment, making it easy to achieve maximum growth.

Built in dimmer makes it easy to control the amount of light and manage periods of intensity / power consumption. Easily adjust the intensity if plants need more light, are starting to show signs of sunburn, require varying light cycles, etc. The Aprico LED Grow Light also features a UL-certified LED driver (100-305v) for easy integration into 277 volt systems. Minimal, lightweight design for easy installation and handling. Includes chain hardware for hanging.

Indoor use only.

• 530 watts
• 1056 Sun Lumintech patented NL LEDs
• 96 red LEDs (660nm~730nm)
• >50,000 hr lifespan
• Variable intensity via dimmer switch
• 16.8 lb / 7.6 kg
• 48” x 23.6” x 4.3” / 122 x 60 x 11 cm

Made in Taiwan

Package Contents: Aprico LED Grow Light, mounting chain, power cord, user’s manual