[Homepluz] Simply "Champagne Silver" Wall-Mount Soap Dispenser

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  • A small and compact soap dispenser that keeps clutter away from the sink
  • Indication windows show when soap is running low; easy refill by directly pouring soap in from atop
  • Each pump pre-measures the right amount of soap liquid to reduce waste
  • Mounts with the option of using adhesive tape or nails.
  • One-year warranty


An ideal solution for any restroom or kitchen. This compact soap dispenser will allow you to neatly store liquid soap and free up space on the sink top. Its specially designed non-drip pump mechanism will only dispense soap when the pump is pressed, and is designed for easy pumping with one hand.

Once mounted, the unit can still be easily removed from the back plate when a refill is needed. And, with a removable top lid, there's no need to worry about pouring the liquid soap into a small opening.

Soap requirements: any type of liquid soap that is not too thick or contain exfoliating beads
Mountable surfaces: tiles, marble, fiberglass, plastic, glass
Product material: durable, water-resistant ABS-plastic
Amount dispensed for each pump: approx. 1.8 ml / 0.06 oz
Capacity: 20 oz
Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.2 x 3.4 inch
Package Contents: main unit, back plate, adhesive tape, nails.

Slight color variations between each production batch can occur as a result of varying weather conditions during manufacturing.