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[Human Creations] Gel'O Cool Mat For Sleeping- Large

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  • Bed cooling pad large-sized: 23.6 x 59" ideal for queen or king beds
  • Uses safe medical-grade material that will not leak when accidentally cut open
  • Bed cooling system is soft and conforms to the body
  • Hand washable
  • Cooling mat is foldable for easy storage


The worst part about summer is sleeping in the heat. This means, either putting up with the heat build up under your body as you toss and turn throughout the night or racking up the electricity bill by keeping the air conditioning on high all night. Now, with Gel'O Cool Mat, sleeping in warm weather can actually be more enjoyable and less damaging to our pockets and our Earth.

As the torso has the greatest contact with the bed, the area beneath can trap the most heat and leave you waking up hot and sweaty. This large-sized Gel'O cooling mattress mat is designed to span horizontally across a queen or king size bed so that both you and your partner can lie in cooling comfort where you need it most.


Staying comfortable in bed isn't about lying on an icy cold mat, but staying cool. Gel'O Cool Mat works to help disperse the heat away from your body, thus keeping the body at a comfortable temperature.

Unlike traditional mattresses, it does not retain heat in one spot but redistributes and dissipates the heat from parts of the mat that is not in contact with the body.


- Use with caution and adult supervision for young children. Make sure the mat is removed on cooler days to prevent problems that may arise from overcooling.

- This mat is designed for lying on. Sitting on the Gel'O Cool Mat will cause the gel inside to permanently shift, especially when used on a hard surface.


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