[LIVION] Portable LED Lantern

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  • Easy to Operate: LED lantern with large ON/OFF switch for easy operation
  • Built to Last: Long-lasting LED bulb with high quality ABS material construction
  • Rotatable Light Panel: Flip the light inward to use as a Lantern or Lamp and outward as a Flashlight
  • Special Handle Design: Allows the Lantern to be easily carried around or hooked up as a hanging light
  • Colorful, Lightweight & Portable: 3 modes of brightness, ideal for home, dormitory or outdoors activities


The Portable LED Lantern by Livion
The idea of the "Portable LED Lantern" combines the concept of Eastern and Western lanterns to light up the world at night. It is perfect for everyday use at home, outdoor activities or emergency situations. Designed with a rotatable front light panel, the flexible design means you can easily flip the light inward to use as a lantern or lamp, or outward as a flashlight.

Form Meets Function
When it comes to function, apart from its transforming capabilities between lamp and flashlight, there are also three brightness levels of 3, 6 or 9 LED lights. The Lantern also accepts multiple power sources depending on need: battery powered (4 x AA batteries not included) or 5V USB port that can be connect to a computer, power bank or AC adapter.

Not only does the Lantern use energy-saving and ECO friendly LEDs, its portable size and added handle allows it to be a mobile light source when outdoors or when walking to the toilet at night. You can even hang it on a tree to provide lighting to enjoy some alfresco dining. The Lantern's modern design also allows you to place it conveniently around your living space, which reduces the frustration of searching for a light source in an emergency such as during blackouts caused by earthquakes or storms.

Made from ABS plastic with a semi-transparent housing, the matte finish means the Lantern produces a soft light without annoying bright spots or casting shadows on the walls. Furthermore, despite looking like frosted glass, the long-lasting durable ABS plastic makes the Lantern safe for use even by children. A secure battery cover also protects children from easily accessing the batteries, keeping them from harm's way.

Light Modes: 3, 6 or 9 LEDs
Power Source:
• 5V universal USB outlet (Not for battery charging)
• Battery powered: 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)
Package Contents: LED Lantern, USB cable (4 feet)