[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac
[LIVION] Power Vac

[LIVION] Power Vac

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  • Easy to Operate: Large ON/OFF button for easy switch-on and quick release for emptying the trash
  • Built to Last: Long-lasting motor technology with high quality ABS material
  • Multiple Heads and No Dust Bags: 3 sweeper tools help to clean tight corners, plus a built-in dust case eliminating the need for dust bags
  • Power-Saving: Powered by 5V universal USB outlet (NOT for battery charging) or 4 x AA batteries (NOT included)
  • Ultra Compact and Portable - Ideal for cleaning your desk, computer keyboard, camera, craft making space and more


The Power Vac by Livion
Be it spilled coffee grounds or a trail of cookie crumbs, dragging out a full-sized vacuum to clean the kitchen counter or dining table can be a huge hassle, but letting ants invade your home isn’t a good option either. This is when Livion’s streamlined and ergonomically designed Power Vac comes in handy as a cordless mini vacuum.

More than Meets the Eye
A well designed vacuum cleaner may not seem like much, but with its fun and colorful design, the Power Vac can even be a decorative piece that doesn't have to be kept out of sight. This means no more rummaging for your vacuum cleaner or leaving things uncleaned. Even the lazy person in us can still keep the inner neat freak happy!

Despite being powered by batteries/USB, the Power Vac still has excellent suction power, and can easily pick up dirt, crumbs and other small objects. To be more eco-friendly, the Power Vac requires no dust bag and has a removable and washable filter with a built-in dust case.

Make Cleaning Fun
Not only for adults, but also easy, fun and safe for kids to learn and build up a good habit of cleaning. 

Attachments: 3 x sweeper tools for better access to nooks and crannies. (Keep out of reach of children)
Power Source:
• USB cable: power with devices with USB ports such as computers, power banks, USB wall adapters (Not Included), USB car charger (Not Included)
• Battery powered: 4 x AA batteries (Not Included), will last about 2~2.5 hrs

Power Vac, extension tube, attachment for crevices, brush attachment, USB cable (4 feet)
* To ensure your needs are met, LIVION offers a 1-year warranty for defective products. This warranty does not cover incorrect usage such as disassembling, burning, soaking, or dropping it.

**Please search for "LIVION Power Vac" on YouTube to see how it works!