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[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball
[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball


[Maxion] Far-infrared Laundry Ball

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  • FRESH & CLEAN - Releases negative ions to alkalize the laundry water, providing powerful cleaning action - Lab proven over 10 times more anions released than others means better cleaning results
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND ECONOMIC - Lasts for 1000 loads of laundry*, cost for laundry ball is just 6 cent per washing and you also save laundry detergent by 80-100%
  • PLEASANT SMELL - Eliminates odor effectively - SGS lab report for bacteria control - Refresh your sweaty sports wear or smelly bath towels
  • WASHING MACHINE CLEANING - Helps clean your washing machine, improving its effectiveness and saving you money on machine cleaner
  • 100% CHEMICAL FREE - No Detergents, No Perfumes, No Dyes, No Chemicals = Healthy for you & your family + Eco friendly

Make Your Washing Fast, Money Saving and Eco-Friendly
Laundry is something we do so often without knowing it could end up threatening our health and endangering the planet. Numerous surfactants and perfumes often used in laundry detergents are proven to cause allergies and even cancer in the long term while damaging the environment with chemical residues.
The Maxion Laundry Ball is the answer. It washes and sterilizes as well as laundry detergents without any chemicals. Additionally, it cleans the washing machine drum and filter at the same time.
Not to mention how much money you could save with Maxion Laundry Ball which can be reused over 1000 times*. What are you waiting for?

How to Use
• Simply place the ball and clothes into the laundry machine
• 1 ball for under 9 lb / 4 kg; 2 balls for 10-20 lb / 4-8 kg
• For stubborn stains, add some detergent or baking soda
• Can be reused for over 1000 times*
• Let the laundry ball drip dry after a wash, and recharge in the sun once a month.
• Laundry bags are recommended for delicate clothes
• Do not use with softener or bleach
*Typical cycle of 30 min, cold water, no softener

Remove stains while saving 80% - 100% of your laundry detergent
The high density of anions (OH-) released from the Maxion Laundry Ball makes the water alkaline (pH 9-10) which work just like a detergent to dislodge oil and dirt from clothing.

Eliminate odor like no other
The strong anions and far infrared rays sterilize the germs, bacteria and fungus during a wash that brings you an odorless cleaning result. The Laundry Ball is also time-saving, as additional rinsing is no longer required.

Eco friendly
With zero chemical residue released from Maxion Laundry Ball, we help create a greener and better planet.

For those who like the smell of laundry detergents, essential oils are recommended as a replacement.