[Human Creations] Solar Pool Purifier

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  • Releases copper and ions to kill microorganisms and prevent algae and bacteria
  • Reduces the need for chlorine and oxidizers by up to 80%
  • Environmentally friendly, solar powered - no need for batteries or electricity
  • For pool capacities of up to 40,000 gallons
  • Comes with 2-year limited warranty

Safe, easy and effective

Human Creations Solar Pool Purifier protects your pool against microorganisms by generating ions from sunlight and transforming it into a biologically-healthy and algae-resistant body of water. Reduce the amount of chlorine or oxidizer needed by 80% and say goodbye to dry skin, red eyes, and accidentally bleached hair and towels! Only a small amount of chlorine will be needed to keep the water crystal clear.

With the Pool Purifier, the water will remain clear and stable for extended periods because minerals do not evaporate like chlorine. Unlike chlorine, hot summer conditions won't degrade but instead enhance the performance of mineral ions.

Save time, money and energy

Human Creations Solar Pool Purifier maintains your pool 24/7 with no installation required. It simply floats on the water surface and direct sunlight does the rest!

The unit costs virtually nothing to power and operate. The only part that requires replacement is the anode bar which will last approximately 1 to 3 swimming seasons, and only takes a minute to change. (For replacements, look for "Replacement Anode Bar for Human Creations Solar Pool Purifier")


  • Tethering hook now provided with the unit.
  • Newly updated manual now available.

Packaging Contents: Solar Pool Purifier, anode bar, filter screen, wing screw, cleaning brush, test strip, tethering hook, manual