[Human Creations]  Solar Powered Floating Pool Chlorinator
[Human Creations]  Solar Powered Floating Pool Chlorinator
[Human Creations]  Solar Powered Floating Pool Chlorinator

[Human Creations] Solar Powered Floating Pool Chlorinator

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  • IDEAL FOR SALTWATER POOLS - Reduce maintenance time, effort and costs, works with freshwater pools too!
  • SOLAR POWERED - Harness the power of the sun to generate chlorine, reducing the overall environmental impact of your pool
  • REDUCE CHEMICAL PURCHASES - No more need to buy and store chlorine and other dangerous chemicals
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Simply add salt and let the sun do the rest! Much simpler to use and maintain than standard saltwater pool chlorinator cells and control boards
  • GREAT VALUE - Avoid complex, costly chlorinator cell systems which cost hundreds and may require professional installation

Having your own pool is great, but taking care of it can be a big headache. Buying and storing harsh and potentially deadly chemicals, spending time measuring and adding different products, testing the chemistry of the water at regular intervals—there has got to be a better way!

The Solar Pool Chlorinator is a simple, cost effective, safe alternative! This UFO-shaped floating device uses the sun’s rays to break regular salt into sodium and chlorine. Through this process, it works throughout the day to keep chlorine levels in the pool balanced. The best part is, the brighter the sun, the harder it works, compensating for chlorine evaporation.

Saltwater pools are becoming more popular as pool owners discover the comfortable swimming experience and relative ease of maintenance. However, typical saltwater pool systems rely on complex, expensive chlorinator cells systems. The Solar Pool Chlorinator lets pool owners take control of pool maintenance with a simple, inexpensive device. Easy to take care of, it floats on the pool’s surface soaking up the sun and converting salt into chlorine.

No More Dangerous Chemicals
Typical pools require a shed-full of toxic liquids, powders and tablets which, in the wrong hands, can cause serious harm or worse. The Solar Pool Chlorinator relies on common salt which is non-toxic in small doses.

- Can be used with fresh water pools with correct maintenance regimen
- Requires initial pool setup before it can maintain pool chemistry
- Requires pool salt (NaCl), not included
- Read and follow all included instruction and contact seller for assistance if needed

• For 13,000 gal. saltwater pools / 10,000 gal. fresh pools (use multiple units for bigger pools)
• 9.5” x 13” / 24 x 33 cm
• 2 Year Limited Warranty

Package Contents: Solar Pool Chlorinator, test strips, tether hook, user’s manual