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[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal
[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal


[E-Lead] ProjectAir Universal

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  • EYE PROTECTION - Protects your eyes from myopia and other eye disorders by using optical technology to lengthen the vision distance and giving appropriate amplification
  • LED READING LIGHT - Low blue light with adjustable brightness and left, double, and right light source switching
  • READING POSITION IMPROVEMENT - Helps to keep the head up to reduce head tilting down more than 30 degrees
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Visual distance is 2.3m; magnification ratio is over 4 times
  • IDEAL FOR - Reading, writing, using cell phone, using tablet, painting, handicrafts, etc.


Reading Books with Joy and Relaxation
When our eyes focus for a long time on nearby objects, like reading magazines, muscles in the eye tense up and can cause discomfort or even permanent damage such as nearsightedness. ProjectAir Universal solves this issue by not only magnifying the image but also creating a virtual projection over a yard away, allowing you to enjoy reading without straining your eyes.

ProjectAir Universal magnifies your screen 4 times
ProjectAir’s Universal mirror functions like a window: The closer you are to the window the bigger the image appears to be. The unique design projects the book surface so it appears 2.3 m away from your eyes. At the same time, it raises your line of sight by 30 degrees, reducing neck strain. ProjectAir Universal protects your eyes, neck, and spine by making the image seem further away, helping your eyes relax, and correcting your posture.

Improved sharpness
The human eye has two states: focused and relaxed. When looking at something nearby, your field of vision is focused and narrow. However, when looking at something far away, your eyes relax and take in a broader range. The average reader tends to place their book or device quite close to their face, so they can only focus on one part of the screen, leaving the rest of the image out of focus.

Protect your Eyes
Focusing on close objects for long periods may cause myopia, and looking at blue light radiation from phone screens may cause macular degeneration and blurred vision. ProjectAir Universal prevents you from viewing too closely and helps you to improve your reading position.


  • Power interface: Micro USB
  • Input voltage: DC5V 0.5V
  • Folded Dimensions: 418x357x98mm
  • Weight: 1300g

Keep the device away from heated surfaces. When sitting in a reading position, ensure the device is placed on an even surface to avoid instability.