[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable
[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable

[Maker hart] Loop mixer w/ Bus Cable

  • LOOP MULTIPLE MIXERS - With the Loop Bus Cable, connect multiple LOOP MIXERS to hear only the inputs that you want to hear without affecting the output.
  • MULTIPLE USES - Ideal solution for Bands and Music Groups, as well as Mix Minus setups (e.g. webcasting, conference calls)
  • MIXER WITH VERSATILITY - Mix audio/music from computers, smartphones, tablets, mics and instruments
  • AMPLIFY SIGNAL - Powered by AC adapter, increase signals from MIC to LINE level to a max gain of 50 dB for each input
  • 3 OUTPUTS - 3.5mm Headphones, Output to speakers, and REC OUT stereo jacks for simultaneous output and monitoring


The ideal audio mixer for use in home/office settings for all you multi-taskers with multiple devices, the LOOP MIXER serves to fulfill a need that has not been met till now. Simultaneously play music, video games, watch TV, listen for notifications, etc. from your computers, tablets, phones, MP3 players, instruments and all your other consumer devices. With 3.5mm stereo jacks for input and output, plug in up to 5 devices with AUX cables and output to headphones, a sound system and/or recording device. No need for expensive adapters!



Whether you are a professional musician needing a lightweight and travel-friendly mixer for your music group or a novice DJ needing something simple, the LOOP MIXER is powerful and versatile enough to serve your needs. Powered by a 9V AC adapter, you can amplify and control the signal level for each input channel from Mic to Line level signals without fear of reduced volume, sound distortions or annoying extra noises. Record, output and monitor at the same time.

1 x DM2S Adapter is included for combining 2 mono (6.35mm/1/4") inputs into 1 3.5mm stereo plug.



As if the LOOP MIXER was not already versatile enough, now with Loop Bus Cables, link up multiple LOOP MIXERS so each user can control what he wants to hear without affecting the overall audio output. Ideal solution for bands and music groups. Can also be used for Mix-Minus configurations to avoid feedback and echo for webcasts, conference calls and radio stations. Multiple LOOP MIXERS connected via Loop Bus Cables can be powered by just one power adapter.

Please refer to the images for diagrams to better understand how the looping works.

Each LOOP MIXER will pass sound to connected mixers, and the user monitoring each mixer will be able to hear and adjust each channel that is connected in the loop without affecting the mix for any other user, as long as the same input channel is not used more than once. However, If the same input channel is used on multiple mixers, the LOOP MIXER comes equipped with a switch function. The user monitoring the 2nd mixer that is sharing a channel in the loop and all other mixers behind the 2nd mixer will not be able to hear the sound on the overlapped channel from the 1st mixer and vice versa for the 1st mixer not hearing output from overlapped channel on 2nd mixer.



  • INPUTS: 5X3.5mm (1/8") stereo jacks or split up to 10X6.35mm (1/4") mono inputs
  • OUTPUTS: Headphones, Speaker, REC (3.5mm jacks)
  • BALANCE: Adjust L/R balance for each input
  • GAIN: Adjust signal strength for each input
  • MASTER and CHANNEL VOLUME: Adjust volume for overall and individual inputs
  • OVERLOAD INDICATOR: Monitor signal distortion
  • LOOP: Loop-In / Loop-Out jacks


Input Impedance: 20kΩ

Output Impedance: 1kΩ

Max Gain: 50dB

THD: 0.05% or less

Power source: AC Adapter DC 9V

Weight & Dimensions: 15.7oz, 6.9 x 5.1 x 1.2"

Contents: LOOP MIXER, Loop Bus Cable, AC Adapter, DM2S Adapter, Owner’s Manual