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[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera
[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera


[MEEMO] 360 Degree Panoramic Camera

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  • 360 DEGREE PHOTOS & VIDEO - Capture every angle in one shot—left, right, up, down, back, front—everywhere
  • REPLAY EVERY ANGLE - View photos and videos from any angle after capture by swiping with your finger or turning the phone
  • INSTANT LITTLE PLANET EFFECT - One tap turns your panoramic photos and videos into little planet style images; tap again to switch back!
  • VR COMPATIBLE - View photos and video in your smartphone VR goggles to relive the moments like you were really there
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - Powered directly by the phone, Meemo 360° Camera doesn’t need batteries or charging

Instantly capture your surroundings
With the Meemo 360° Camera you can capture entire panoramas, including above and below you, instantly with the tap of a button. Regular 2D photos and video never truly capture the feeling of being there. The Meemo 360° Camera solves that problem with two cameras that take in the entire scene—above and below you in addition to left, right, back and front.

Playback from any angle
The photos and videos captured can be seen again from any angle. Just swipe to move the image and look any any direction you want. You can also turn the phone and immediately change the field of view.

It’s a small world after all
Flip back and forth between regular panorama and little planet mode. It’s really fun for group selfies, you won’t need to be crowding together anymore! Just hold the camera in the middle and gather everyone around. Guaranteed not to leave anyone out of the shot!

VR Ready
Put your phone into your VR headset (not included) to re-experience the sensation of being at the exact spot you took the photo or video. Look anywhere around you—Meemo 360° takes in every direction in a single shot!

- Phone/tablet with Android 5.0 or better required; not compatible with iPhone or iPad.
- Camera cannot be used alone; connection to an Android phone/tablet is required.
- It is normal for camera to get warm while in operation.
- Video playback may require higher end phone.


  • Camera: F2.4/210° 3MPx2 (7G)
  • Resolution
    • Video: 1920x960 (2K)
    • Photo: 2880x1440 (3K)
  • Video format: AVC / H.264 @30fps
  • Picture format: JPG
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Size: 1.8” x 1.7” x 0.7”
  • Phone system requirements: Android version 5.0 or better

Package Contents: Meemo 360° camera, micro USB protector/mini stand, USB-C adapter x 2, microfiber bag, microfiber cloth