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[NextDrive] Spectra X Portable USB DAC

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Introducing part two of the portable hi-fi revolution: Spectra X from NextDrive. Reviewers across the interwebs had nothing but praise for the Spectra, but NextDrive weren't satisfied. Beginning with the rock solid base composed of the ESS Sabre 9018Q2C hi-res DAC chip featured in the Spectra, NextDrive have pushed the envelope further with their proprietary XtraSOUND technology.

XtraSOUND delivers audio with even lower distortion and lower noise floor. Get the absolute best performance from your hi-res audio files without compromising portability and battery-free convenience. Plug into your iOS, Android, Windows*, Mac or Linux device and instantly give your high resolution audio files the outlet they deserve, bypassing the low quality consumer soundcards found in most computer hardware.

But don’t let the pencil thin aluminum case fool you: the Spectra X packs plenty of power with enough output to drive headphones up to 300Ω (after which you may want to bring your headphone amp into the chain), and its ESS Sabre 9018Q2C chip delivers sound quality previously assumed to be impossible in a form factor this size.

Ready to join the world of hi-res music?

NextDrive suggests the following sources for more-than-CD-quality tracks:

HDTracks, Primephonic, Chandos, Onkyo Music, Mora,, Ototoy, Victor Studio HD-Music, AIX Records and Tidal MQA.