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About us

As our business model evolves, so does our name. Formerly known as Beanworthy, we have now changed our name to TrueToSource.

What has changed?

In a quest to shorten the distance between producers and end consumers, TrueToSource strives to find new products from suppliers around the world who are keen to connect with customers.

What's our advantage?

By ensuring that all our products come directly from the brand owners, you can now be sure that your voice can be heard. Whether they are suggestions to improve a product or just a big thumbs up to tell us this product is a keeper, your messages will be directly passed on and heard by the brand owners.

Whenever you run into difficulties and need some troubleshooting help, we'll also be sure to check with the experts (product designers) regarding these issues. This way, we can save miscommunication and any unnecessary returns or disappointment.

Be it products developed by new startups or seasoned brands that have long been popular in other parts of the world, we strive to make them available to you.

Our social responsibility

We like to see ourselves as "modern day hippies," as living sustainably and peacefully is vital to maintaining life on earth. Hence, TrueToSource is also committed to protecting the environment and looking after the welfare of animals.

Essentially, our business model of sourcing products directly from the source means reducing wasted transportation and repackaging of products. Rather than having goods change hands from exporters, importers, distributors, wholesalers, and finally to 'you' the consumers, we work to bring goods directly from the source to you.

Furthermore, we do not promote animal products, hunting & fishing equipment, or products designed to aid consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or animal products. All products we sell must also be cruelty free.

Basically, we do not promote products to which our conscience says "no." Though we may not look like the hippies of days gone by, we still strongly believe that sharing love and doing what's right is always the cool and right thing to do!